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Welcome to PanGu Boot where we will help you learn how to jailbreak iPhone with our pangu jailbreak tool.

pangu ios 7.1 jailbreak

What Is PanGu Jailbreak?

PanGu is iOS 7.1 – 7.1.2 Jailbreak tool released by Chinese hackers called PanguTeam

Pangu team

Is PanGu Jailbreak safe?

A lot of people don?t hurry to jailbreak their iOS 7.1.x devices as they keep searching the same question ?Is Pangu Safe?? and continue looking for the official jailbreak released by the Evad3rs or iH8sn0w or other famous hackers who have been working with iOS jailbreaking for a long time. Pangu is believed to use confidential data that is contained in iOS firmware for security researchers only. While we cannot personally guarantee that the iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak is completely safe to use, as there are so many technical details involved, the general consensus is that the jailbreak is not harmful. iOS developer iH8sn0w confirmed that the jailbreak does not contain any spyware or malicious trails, while fellow iPhone hacker MuscleNerd said that everything appears to be okay so far. More on iPhoneWiki

Pangu vs Evasi0n

It is actually difficult to compare Evasi0n and Pangu untether jailbreak tools as they serve the same goal. Both programs allow users installing third-party apps, tweaks and games that will never appear at the official App Store but are available at Cydia. It is great to see the new blood in the jailbreaking community. The more hackers will try to develop jailbreak tools the more choices users will get. Evasi0n, Pangu, P0sixspwn – it is great when we have a lot of programs for different operating system jailbreak.

How To Jailbreak iOS 7 using Pangu

Nevertheless, proceed with caution. It is still highly recommended that you backup your device through iTunes before upgrading to iOS 7.1.1 and jailbreaking. It would also be wise to uncheck the box in the PanGu jailbreak tool that installs a pirated app store and PPSync, especially because the latter package is said to cause instability on jailbroken devices. Jailbreak is the most popular unofficial procedure on Apple mobile gadgets. You can jailbreak iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and get access to the unofficial software, apps and games. The famous hacker saurik developed a store for unofficial software called Cydia. In other words you can instal any app that was developed for iOS but was not authorized by Apple on your device having Cydia. You can’t find such tweaks on App Store but when you have Cydia you get access to apps that are able to change your iPhone from standard configurations to a not recognizable interface and settings.

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