More Info About Pangu Team Members and Jailbreak


Five talented and unknown before hackers made a tool for iOS 7.1 jailbreaking that nobody planned to see this year. Let’s find out more about dm557, windknown, modikr, tb557, zengbanxian. Who are they? Where did pangu team come from? We will try to answer these questions in this page.

Pangu team founders are security experts and researchers coming from China. They don’t belong to any iOS jailbreak community as opposed to various other well-known dev team such as evad3rs team.

However Pangu team tried to create a totally free untether jailbreak for iOS users everywhere across the planet. Pangu 1.x jailbreak was the first one Chinese hackers introduced months ago. Now many jailbreak fans think that this team will be the major exploits finders in the iOS jailbreaking field. There are rumors that any other iOS 7.1.x version or even iOS 8 will be immediately jailbroken by updated Pangu tool. It may be Pangu 2.0 for iOS 8. Who knows but first let’s see what we got now and I will try to take a small trip through the pangu members biography.

dm557 is a security expert who concentrates on advanced vulnerability exploitation research. He took part in network security field since 2000, and has over Fifteen years of experience in network security sector, and today he mostly is targeted on revolutionary research, on software vulnerability, and exploitation for Microsoft and Apple system.

dm557You can find dm557 on his Twitter account: @dm557

windknown is presently focusing on APP development of OSX/iOS and security research. Additionaly he has big experience in Windows security. The main exploration area for windknown covers security of OSX/iOS/Windows, vulnerabilities, rootkit, virtualization technology and so on. He has introduced his researching at international security conferences, including XCON, POC, SyScan,SyScan360.


If you have questions to windknown you can put them here: @windknow

@modikr – more info will come soon (updating…)

@tb557  – more info will come soon (updating…)

@zengbanxian - more info will come soon (updating…)

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