Check the List Of The Best Jailbreak Tweaks Of October 2014

For those who are still on jailbroken iOS 7 we have here the list of best jailbreak tweaks of October 2014. We will describe all of them in details: Flurry, CallShortcut, ScrubAround, InternalPhotos, TypeandTalk and Impulse. One more thing only Impulse is for $1.99 and others are for free.


This tweak changes up the UI elements of the Notification, the Center Control Center, and even the certain applications. Look carefully at the picture below. When the Flurry is enabled, you get a really nice blur and transparent look. Of course you can change the look using the tweak settings.


This CallShortcut  tweak is really useful. Because it allow you to add an icon to your springboard. And when you click on it, will call a contact of your choice. Install this tweak. And then select the contact you want to add to your home screen just going into your Phone app. After your on the contact scroll down and click on “Add to Home Screen”. Now you have the chosen icon on your springboard . You can make a phone call to that person immediately by clicking on the icon.


This tweak will change the scrubber on within your control center. You get a knob that looks similar to the volume and brightness knob, instead of the hard to tap vertical line that is easy to miss. There is no settings to configure.
Internal Photos – Free

When you install this tweak on your device go to the Albums section of photo library. There you will notice a new “gear” icon. Click on that icon to activate the internal settings for the photos app. There are different settings you can try to use. They are really amazing.


TypeandTalk – Free

This tweak is not for often use but maybe it can come in handy at times. It won’t hide the keyboard when you to click on the dictation button on the keyboard. With this tweak you can while you’re dictating type on the keyboard. When you will finish dictating click on the dictation button again to end it.

Internal PhotosImpulse

While the device is asleep, this tweak lets you to control your music with one move. You  can activate this tweak when the screen is off with a single click. After this click you can go to the next/previous song, to play/pause, to increase/decrease volume.
We are sure you are interested in some of best jailbreak tweaks of October 2014.


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