iOS 8 Direct Link List for All iDevices, iPhone, iPod, iPad


The new iOS 8 direct download links help you to get your firmware file right away without searching for the new operating system all over the net. After iOS 8 release you can also use direct OTA upgrade if you don’t want to use iOS 8 direct link for your particular iPhone, iPod touch or iPad model.

You can also find iOS 8 install instructions that tell what you have to do in order to successfully use iOS 8 update function and get all the great new features, options and extras prepared by Apple and tested by developers and carriers in the summer 2014.

How to Install iOS 8 Firmware

Step 1. Update your iTunes in case you haven’t done so yet. You should run iTunes 11.4 to upgrade to iOS 8 today.

Step 2. Backup your iPhone. Use iTunes to do this or iCloud if you like this service more.

Step 3. Use iOS 8 direct link and get the firmware file for your iDevice model and version.

Step 4. Install the file you have downloaded and enjoy running the official iOS 8 firmware.

iOS 8 Direct Download Links for Different iDevices

The most recent firmware version supports only one model of iPod touch:

iOS 8 works on all iPhones beginning from iPhone 4S and up:

The newely introduced iOS 8 supports a lot of iPad models:

Are you going to update to iOS 8 today?

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