iOS 8 Jailbreak Pangu Release: To Use or Not to Use?

ios 8 pangu jailbreak pros and cons

To jailbreak or not iOS 8 iPhone, iPod touch and iPad? This question is probably asked by a lot of users who have learned that the Chinese team of hackers called Pangu released their Pangu iOS 8 jailbreak. iOS 8 jailbreak Pangu has its advantages and disadvantages. Once you know them, you can decided if you wish to untether or not.

The launch of the jailbreaking solution for the newest Apple platform is a big surprise even to the fans who were waiting for this tool. Right now iOS 8 Pangu jailbreak is available for Windows computers only. Mac version release should follow soon.

iOS 8 Pangu Jailbreak Pros and Cons

  • The new program has its good and bad sides. Here are some of them.
  • Cons of Pangu iOS 8 – iOS 8.1 Jailbreak
  • no direct Cydia app [you have to install it manually]
  • devs didn’t have time to update their programs, tweaks and applications [it will take them some time to finish this work]
  • if you updated to iOS 8 – iOS 8.1 via OTA-update you might fail in jailbreaking with Pangu
  • if you have Mac computer you cannot jailbreak at the moment
  • there is no English version of Pangu iOS 8 – iOS 8.1 jailbreak tool, everything is in Chinese
  • security experts didn’t say anything about how safe it is to jailbreak with Pangu at the moment
  • there are a lot of bugs in this release

Pros of iOS 8 Pangu Untether Jailbreak Tool

  • you can install Cydia for iOS 8 manually after you jailbreak with Pangu
  • being jailbroken means being able to get new tweaks in the future, once they are updated by devs

You can simply wait till Pangu becomes more stable and the Chinese hackers present the English version of their program with less bugs.

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