Who Knows iOS 8.1 Jailbreak Release Date

iOS 8.1 jailbreak launch dateJust yesterday Apple launched iOS 8.1- the main update to iOS 8. And now the public interested in iOS 8.1 jailbreak launch date.

The Apple released iOS 8 last month. But it had few bugs and issues. Several updates followed the iOS 8. Besides the company gained to the system some new and helpful jailbreak features known as Quick Reply, widgets and other. But still a lot of users are interested in jailbreak thing.

How start to work on the iOS 8.1 jailbreak? When iOS 8.1 jailbreak launch date?

Let’s try to answer these interesting questions. Among the participants of the jailbreak community there are some who are not interested in this issue and others who start to work at jailbreak.

The known teams as @pimskeks evad3rs and @pod2g just told that they are not keen on such thing as the iPhone jailbreaking. Also they added that they want to have some challenge and they are just tired to work with iPones and iOS.

Another popular hacker iH8sn0w said that he hasn’t really been interested in public jailbreaks. He explained his position that jailbreaking takes much encumbrances to make and publish it.”

But there is one teams that seriously work on iOS 8 or iOS 8.1 jailbreak. It is Pangu team. But Apple make some new Challenges for them.
Apple has cancel the ability to use expired enterprise certificates. One of them Pangu used to make the jailbreak possible. Another issue is vulnerability discovered by @i0n1c. They used it without his allowance. This time the work may be more challenging not using such a resource.

According to iDigitalTimes their secret source reported them that there is an unknown team  that has got a significant progress towards to iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 jailbreak.

So we can make a conclusion that in near future we will enjoy iOS 8.1 jailbreak.

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