Millions of Dropbox Accounts Hacked

dropbox accounts hacked

According to some reports, about seven million of Dropbox accounts were hacked this fall. Dropbox denies the hack, but there is information about a big leak on reddit where hackers post links to username / password profiles and promise to reveal more information.

Dropbox hack 2014, according to Dropbox, isn’t real. The company provided a statement where it assures that no security breach was experienced. According to Dropbox, iPhone and other device users’ passwords to Dropbox accounts were stolen in a different way.

As Dropbox believes, hackers could have obtained users’ details from third-party services, different devices or attempts of original users to log in.

Dropbox Accounts Hacked Protection

Is there a way how you can protect your account with Dropbox to avoid being hacked and your information being posted somewhere online? You can use the two-step verification for your account. Besides, you might like to change your password and choose a strong protection.

Step 1. Visit Dropbox site at from your computer.

dropbox hack 2014Step 2. Sign in to your Dropbox account by entering your email and password.

Step 3. Press on your username. It will appear in the top right corner of the page.

Step 4. Once your account menu is launched you should select Settings.

Step 5. Now press Security menu.

Step 6. You should now see the Two-step verification menu.

Step 7. Enable your Two-step verification and you should be protected from now on.

dropbox two-step verification

Step 8. You will see Get started menu. Click on it and do everything Dropbox asks you to do: re-enter your password and choose how you wish to get your security code (by SMS or through a mobile application).

Step 9. You can also add another phone number for getting SMS with your security code. This helps if something happens to your primary phone.

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