Learn How to Jailbreak iOS with Pangu

Finally good news for all iOS 7.1.x users who are looking to jailbreak their devices. Now you can download Pangu tool and jailbreak your iPhone or iPad for free!

Years and years before, when in late 2007 famous hacker GeoHot found exploits in iOS (limera1n) that allowed to jailbreak iOS, it was a start of Apple jailbreaking epopee.  However when iOS 7.1 was released and evad3rs didn’t updated evasi0n7 for iOS 7.1 (it supports iOS 7.0.x only) many thought that epopee was ended. But they was wrong.

This summer Chinese hackers released Pangu iOS jailbreak. From now on you can free iOS 7.1.1 and iOS 7.1.2 using this new tool. Here are the tutorial guides which you can use for iOS jailbreaking with Pangu:

First version of Pangu iOS jailbreak contained the Chinese alternate store called “25PP”. But such store was on Chinese and also there were complaints that the performance of iPhone / iPad was not as usual. Pangu 1.1 came on Englush and without 22PP whicj=h make such tool to be ideal for iOS jailbreking worldwide.

Jailbreak is the most popular unofficial procedure on Apple mobile gadgets. You can jailbreak iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and get access to the unofficial software, apps and games. The famous hacker saurik developed a store for unofficial software called Cydia. In other words you can instal any app that was developed for iOS but was not authorized by Apple on your device having Cydia. You can’t find such tweaks on App Store but when you have Cydia you get access to apps that are able to change your iPhone from standard configurations to a not recognizable interface and settings.

Pangu tool is safe and it was confirmed by hackers like iH8snow, musclenerd, pod2g and even i0n1c. Such names point that we can trust this tool and jailbreak iOS device right now!

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