List of possible Pangu Jailbreak Problems and Fixing Solutions

Every new and useful tool is big news. When Chinese hackers released iOS 7.1 jailbreak called Pangu many iFans tried it on their devices. However there were errors in he first version of the program which made jailbreaking process not quick and easy. Here is a place where you can find Pangu troubleshoot and support following easy tutorial guides.

When Pangu 1.0 was released jailbreakers faced with two most common errors: stuck on boot loop logo during rebooting and timeout error after/during jailbreaking process. Firstly it seemed that such issues made Pangu jailbreak useless without troubleshoot. However with forums’ help the fix was found and you can check it in this Pangu troubleshooting category.

pangu Troubleshoot

Pangu Troubleshoot: Types of Errors and How to Fix Them

Pangu timeout error appears when you try to reboot iPhone or iPad using Pangu icon. It is not a big problem and you can find three different methods on how to fix timeout no response in Pangu.

Pangu boot loop problem is not understandable for common users but the fix is even more surprising. Errors occurs when pangu finished the jailbreaking process and iDevice went for rebooting and stuck. You will be very surprised with the strange fix.

New version 1.1 fixed such errors but it didn’t matter that errors would not occur in the future. Stay tuned with Pangu troubleshoot page and you will get fixes for issues that may appear during jailbreaking.

If non of the guides above helped you use official Chinese pangu forum or learn more about iOS 8 Jailbreak methods or possible hacks release date.

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