Fix to Pangu Timeout Error [No Response Issue]

Some users who have tried to jailbreak iOS 7.1.x iPhone 4S with Pangu experienced the problem on Mac computer. Similar issues were faced by users with the iPad. It is hard to say why the error occurs and “no response” follows. Maybe the bug will be fixed for everyone in the next Pangu update.

Pangu timeout [no response] issues is mentioned by several people. This might be not common problem but it exists and you can fix this Pangu timeout error yourself and enjoy being jailbroken with this Chinese tool.

This is not the only issue. Pangu 1.0 caused boot loop logo error but fortunately here is a fix. The solutions is quite simple. Some other Pangu timeout issues mention boot loop logo fix that is weirdly connected to your Light Sensor. You can solve this problem and enjoy being jailbroken.

This is the only way to jailbreak untethered iOS 7.1, 7.1.1 and 7.1.2 firmwares that are not supported by Evasi0n tool which works on version 7.0.x only. The Chinese team is the first in the world with public version of the jailbreak that actually works even though it does cause different issues. Nothing is perfect these days, and you are lucky if you can easily solve the problem using one of the methods mentioned below.

How Pangu Timeout Error Occurs

As users note, Pangu timeout issues begin when you reboot your device via the Pangu icon. Here is how some smart minds found a way to overcome this problem and make the device work again being jailbroken.

Pangu Timeout Jailbreak Fix Guide

Method 1

If your iPhone took too much to reboot causing Pangu iOS 7.1.x jailbreak tool to show “Timeout” error, you can try to do the following things. Firstly, before you begin the jailbreaking process you need to turn on Airplane Mode in Settings app. This way your reboot might be much faster as your smartphone won’t have to wait for Wi-Fi and cellular signals.

pangu timeout error

Method 2

If the first method doesn’t help you, try the following steps.

Firstly, turn off your Passcode Lock feature on iOS 7.1.x firmware.


Secondly, close iTunes app quickly after you connect your iPhone 4S to your computer.


Thirdly, launch Pangu tool and press “Jailbreak” to follow the on-screen guide.


Fourthly, when it is time to click on Pangu icon that appears on your home screen during the procedure of jailbreaking you need to open this app to proceed.


At fifth, once the handset begings to reboot and shows Apple boot logo along with the message that asks you to not disconnect, you MUST DISCONNECT your device.

At sixth, your iPhone will continue booting up even though it is disconnected.

At last, connect to your computer once you are booted up and allow Pangu jailbreak tool to install Cydia.

Method 3

If you tried to turn off auto-sync, sync over Wi-Fi, disable Wi-Fi on Mac. If you are sure that you changed the date to June 2 during jailbreak and the problem still exists, you can fix Pangu timeout error by turning off / on internet. This has helped some users and might solve your case.

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